Airmasterâ„¢ Q1 product released

Airmaster Q1

Airmaster™ sets the standard for pre-programmed logic controllers in air compressor, vacuum and related applications.  Why?  For nearly 30 years, Airmaster™ products have pioneered developments in compressed air and vacuum application PLC’s, ensuring our customers remain at the forefront in their chosen area of expertise.  Our continued commitment to product development has positioned Airmaster™ as the global leader and choice solution for compressed air and vacuum application PLC controls.

By choosing Airmaster™ our customers don’t just get a machine PLC.  Airmaster™ is complimented by Metacentre™, a complete range of application system solutions.  Metacentre™ products include multiple compressor and vacuum ‘system controllers’, distributed I/O devices for ancillary control and monitoring and a range of software solutions for networking, monitoring and trending purposes.  For more information on the Metacentre™ range of system solutions, visit the Metacentre™ micro site @

Like all Airmaster™ products, Q1 is designed with a core application focus.  This focus positions Airmaster™ Q1 as a ‘mid-range’ member of the Airmaster™ product family, ideally suited to positive displacement rotary screw, vane and piston compressor or vacuum applications.  Using the powerful ARM CORTEX-M3 processor from NXP, product features are arranged to ensure a cost effective and feature rich PLC with options that enhance where required.  This approach ensures that the incremental cost of lesser used or more exotic features is not levied across all controllers.

Airmaster™ Q1 features a backlit 240 x 160 text and graphic display complimented by an ergonomically engineered membrane switch keypad.  Both are conveniently arranged for easy and intuitive access and interrogation of Airmaster™ Q1’s software menus.  A large number of language options are supported including both simplified and traditional Chinese.

A variety of input and output connections are conveniently arranged to the rear of the controller (see over).

Airmaster™ Q1 is assembled in a ruggedized housing with an IP65 rating once installed in the host air compressor or vacuum pump.

Like other Airmaster™ products, Q1 carries CE, UL and CSA regulatory approvals.

For more information on Airmaster Q1, visit the Products page or contact us using the link provided.






2nd April 2012

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