About Airmaster

The global market leader in embedded application controls

Our Airmaster™ products are specifically designed and manufactured to optimise the performance of air compressor, vacuum pump and related equipment in each individual application.

Uniquely scalable, bespoke products

Drawing on unrivalled application expertise, hardware engineering and software development capabilities, our solutions extend way beyond simple machine programmable logic controllers...

We design, develop and manufacture a range of products that feature a range of user interface, power, physical input output and communication options all arranged around a variety of enclosure styles that satisfy most application requirements.

Our Airmaster™ products are further enhanced by Metacentre™ our ready developed range of application system controls products, Monitorit™ our range of sensing products as well as other products that support Airmaster's application use.  To learn more about these products, use the menu on the right to reach the relevant product site...

The end result is a unique product range that enables compressor, vacuum pump and related equipment manufacturers across the globe to cut costs,streamline R&D and bring OEM products to market faster than ever before.

Accelerating product development

The Airmaster™ product range combines CMC’s portfolio of hardware and software with quality assured manufacturing, assembly and end of line testing to help customers dramatically reduce their own product development cycles.

Robust and exceptionally reliable, Airmaster™ products are delivered on time and within budget, leaving OEM manufacturers free to focus on overcoming other product design challenges.

Realising significant savings

In addition to helping minimise the costs associated with product development and manufacture, we are uniquely placed to carefully customise all products and software to provide bespoke yet extremely cost effective control solutions.

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